Cinewhoops are a category of quadcopters with ducts around the propellers so they can be flown safely around people and other sensitive objects. They can be flown through small holes and in the proximity of objects and create those unique perspectives.

For each shoot there is a specific drone, or “quadcopter” which suits the job best. Small and precise or powerful and fast and usually self build. The lightest quadcopters weigh just a few hundred gram and carry a custom made, decased GoPro. Despite their light weight they can film in 4K with up to 60FPS.

Cinematic quadcopters are flown “first person view” by transmitting the video signal instant to the pilots googles. This enables the quadcopters to be flown very accurate.

Creating unique, very dynamic shots with the help of FPV “First Person View” drones. Those quadcopters are agile, fast and can fly acrobatic. With the help of post processing and stabilisation techniques you will get super smooth cinematic videos.

I am a licensed drone operator and can present your business, property, project or sport in a remarkable way. Mainly living in Berlin and Milan but able to travel throughout Europe for your project.

I am happy to hear your ideas, so feel free to contact me.

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