A very lightweight quadcopter using a “naked” GoPro. Overall weight less than 250g. Perfect for indoors and other small spaces.

A slightly larger quadcopter with a full size GoPro 9. Better protection for the camera and more speed make this one ideal for creating action videos. For example following Motorbikes or fast outdoor shoots.

For each shoot there is a specific drone, or “quadcopter” which suits the job best. Small and precise or powerful and fast and usually self build. The lightest quadcopters weigh just a few hundred gram and carry a custom made, decased GoPro. Larger quadcopters are faster and more powerful. They can carry a full size GoPro which has more overall resistance than a stripped down, decased GoPro at the cost of weight.
Cinewhoops are a category of quadcopters with ducts around the propellers so they can be flown safely around people and other sensitive objects. They can be flown through small holes and in the proximity of objects and create those unique perspectives.

Another possibility is the use of a 360° camera on an extended stick this has the advantage of being able to record 360° original sound as well however it is limited in range.

This was not taken with a drone but a 360° camera on a long stick. By calculations the stick will be removed from the final footage and this set up enables shooting at locations not suitable for a drone. Since it is recording in 360° any frame and perspective can be chosen in post processing. However the quality will not be the same as shooting conventional.

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