• Microdrone meets Boulderhall
    A challenging flight through a boulderhall in Berlins eastern part next to the river Spree. The sun played its part and was shining nicely through the windows.
  • Exploring Lanzarote
    My last trip was to Lanzarote and we took a few drones with us. The colours of the soil and volcanoes looked beautiful in the sunsets and sunrises but a highlight was to chase a paraglider on his flight.
  • Real Estate Virtual Tour
    Take a virtual tour through a beautiful appartement. I have made this video for a real estate agency in Bergamo. Bergamo is a town in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. Using a drone for real estate creates a virtual…
  • Tour of a car mechanic (and flying through a car)
    This is a tour of a car mechanic close to Berlin. In this video it was especially interesting to find sound effects to create the atmosphere of the work place. And it’s even possible to fly through a car as…
  • Trip to Sicily
    On a recent trip to Sicily a quadcopter had to be in the luggage of course as well. See a short clip of the beautiful nature and the typical mountains with their flat tops.
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